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Curious about the Betz Experience?


YOU and BETZ, the Artist in Residence at the Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery


A one-on-one art experience
Creating art from a different approach
Seeing with a different eye
Feeling with a different you
Having an art experience from the heart


Betz’ downtown Studio above The Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery
122 E Kiowa St,
Colorado Springs, Colorado


Your scheduled day from 9:00am to 5:00pm including a wine & cheese meeting with the Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery Curator.


Why not? Do and have the experience that will change the way you think and feel about yourself and the potential possibilities that life offers.


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The Betz Experience

  I walked into that space feeling guarded, unsure and I left feeling inexplicably free. I had seen true potential in myself. I felt lighter, more confident, and found myself letting go of the small stuff in everyday life. The lessons I learned in The Betz Experience go beyond painting. They bled into my every day and I will never be able to thank her enough for the impact her workshop had on me. Hileigh Hooton

  When you meet her, you are instantly enveloped by her energy and creative curiosity. It is as if you are in the front seat of an amusement park ride; a little apprehensive about where this will take you, but excited, nonetheless. Tamara Moore
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  As an established artist for 30 plus years, I wanted to take the Betz Experience and see if I could loosen up on my painting style. I have been meticulous about detail and now I have a desire to break loose from these tight constraints.
I had a wonderful experience! It was like playing as a kid, which helped me completely depart from my critical nature. Betz created an environment somewhat like moving and dancing inside a whirlwind. I was, at times, on a wild ride like a roller coaster, her unorthodox method kept my brain from attaching to some outcome.
I realized that for the first time the Experience wasn’t about creating monumental pieces of art after painting for a big block of time. For me, this was a great experience of letting go of control, striving, and longing for... what? Perfection? There it was…. the ah ha, the take-away! Sandy Pfeifer

  I was a recent student of the "Betz Experience." The energy and space Betz creates allows you to search deep within yourself and bring your own creativity to life. It was a soul search and discovery for myself. As a veteran, I would highly recommend this experience to others. The inner peace that comes out in your work is truly beautiful. Zach Zahachi

  As someone who has been painting for the last 20 years of my life, I had completely lost my motivation for it due to the stress of everything else in my life and the feeling of having to paint perfect for others. From Betz I learned that we paint for ourselves, and only ourselves. Her technique allowed me to get out of my own head and paint true to myself, finding my passion again.
This is a one-of-a-kind experience that is absolutely worth it. I believe everyone should get the chance to do this to open up the artist inside them and allow them to produce something they absolutely love, because they will! Marlena Gatto

  I was very skeptical about the whole experience as I’m an A type male, I’m in the military, been deployed, I’m a cop. I have this strong kind of crude mentality and yet all of that went away when I picked up that painting tool and just let loose…
Betz fires you up and gets you to a place mentally and physically that you wouldn’t think was possible from creating art. I 100% recommend this to ANYONE. If you think you’re too cool, or too manly, or not artistic, let me tell you you’re absolutely wrong. You may not be the next Picasso, but you’ll have some pieces of art you can take home and be proud of. Giovanni Fiorella

  A day like no other! I'm not sure which aspect I most treasure! My intuitive self being awakened in another dimension-
experiencing art as its creator- joyous trust between teacher and seeker- validation- good food-deepening friendship… Chris McGarry

  Betz creates an environment of energy, of exploration and creativity that no one is immune to. Step through the door and see what awaits! It is both fun and fulfilling while helping you to explore yourself and a new potential within. Lisa Malloy

  Profound!! Chase H. age 15


Still want to know more?

King Tutankhamuns Tomb

Tutankhamen, the 18th dynasty Egyptian pharaoh, is known for his tomb containing a treasure trove of riches beyond the discoverer’s wildest dreams.

All too-common’ seems to be the name for those inhabiting this 21stcentury wanting to uncover their treasure.
Has time allowed too much dust to settle over your soul?
Has your temple become a tomb?
Are life’s desert winds stirring an unknown desire for discovery?
Then, join this expedition—this 'ARTcheological' dig into self.

Lawrence Dryhurst Gallery Acrylic
"My art is considered relational art. Relational meaning that it connects and interacts with individuals beyond traditional thinking and presents methods of new appreciation.
Through my technique that has evolved over my years of painting, I connect and paint in a state like a trance. Do I paint with a muse? Yes but more than that. I paint with the whole Universe.
My creations tend to make a person, who is passing by, pause. Mine is not walk-by-art. Those that do pause seem to develop a relation in a deeper way to the pieces that have captivated  them."
My message: "As an artist, I am here to create meaning in a meaningless world. For what comes from me and is Observed by you, Becomes meaningful.
The Betz Experience will take you out of your comfort zone. Your body will stretch, and your mind will shift. Allowing your mind to wander away or just sit on the shelf and be still will help those positive and negative emotions come and go so that you don’t attach. Maybe you will feel the freedom of expression for the first time without a preconceived outcome."

"Your Palette is waiting."

This program is currently full, available beginning in October 2021.

The Betz Experience Your Palette is WaitingThe Betz Experience is: $795.00

The Break Down:


Includes all art supplies, coffee-time, lunch, tea-time and a new understanding of yourself.**

– $150.00

A deposit from check or credit card*


Total due 2 weeks in advance

  • *A deposit refund will be in full up to 30 days from confirmed date. $75 refunded 7-29 days from confirmed date, and no deposit refunds will be given 7 days prior.

**Also includes:


A special ending time to enjoy a glass of wine while discussing your original works of art.

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