The Way of The Betz Experience

A picture paints a thousand words.

An Experience paints a lifetime.

My art is considered relational art. Relational meaning that I connect and interact with what is beyond rational thinking and present methods of art instruction.

Through this technique that has evolved over twenty years, I connect and paint in that state (kind of like a trance). Do I paint with a muse? No, I paint with the whole Universe.

My creations tend to make a person, who is passing by, pause. Mine is not walk-by-art. Those that do pause seem to relate in a deeper way to the ones that have special meaning for them.

My message: As an artist, I am here to create meaning in a meaningless world. For what comes from me and is Observed by you, Becomes meaningful.

The Betz Experience will take you out of your comfort zone. Your body will stretch, and your mind will shift. Allowing your mind to wander away or just sit on the shelf and be still will help those positive and negative emotions come and go so you don’t attach. Maybe you will feel the freedom of expression for the first time without a preconceived outcome.